Telegram X Update Comes With New Interesting Features

Telegram is one of the most popular messaging applications used in the whole world. The app gathers fans due to its focus on security and for the fact that it is free to download and use. Not long ago, an alternative app named Challegram appeared out of nowhere, but the developers of Telegram have purchased it and changed its name to Telegram X.

Telegram X, a Great Experimental Alternative

The ‘newly-renamed’ app comes with all the regular messaging features of the official Telegram application, but it mainly has a lot of experimental features. Telegram X is developed in such a way that it is perceptibly faster and functions in a much smoother manner than the regular Telegram app. Also, the animations of the alternative messaging app are extremely amazing.

A few really impressive features include the night mode and the possibility to change the text size into whatever scale you want. Users can also long-press on chats to get a pop-up review, which is something new and refreshing.

The original Challegram application purchased by Telegram was based on the open TDLib (Telegram Database Library), but it is not the only one in that respect. The developers must have seen something impressive with this app to acquire it.

Telegram X is already incredibly amazing, and perhaps one day will become a widely-known app that everyone will enjoy using. The application receives regular updates that usually bring more experimental features. The latest, Telegram X update also came with a bunch of new features, including a new emoji, a new animation, and much more.

Telegram X Update

The newest upgrade of the app sports a few new additions to Telegram X. These brand new features include a three-lines chat, which can be changed by heading to ‘Settings,’ then to ‘Themes and Chats,’ and selecting ‘Chats List Style.’

New icons in the chats list for media messages were added, as well as a new emoji and a new animation when opening the profile and viewing long chat titles. In addition, the Telegram X update brought a feature that allows users to preview unified notifications and chat list messages, and another feature that enables users to resend failed messages. Finally, with the new update, albums and multiple forward messages are now displayed as one notification.

The developers announced that many new features are already being prepared for the following update.

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