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The Best Free Antiviruses for Windows PC in 2020

Although smartphones are increasing in popularity tremendously in recent years, laptops and desktop computers are still widely targeted by cyber attackers who are constantly trying to figure out new ways of bypassing security layers.

Cyberattacks can steal data and make the victim lose passwords and credit card accounts. Therefore, let’s see the best options for free-of-charge security software that we have in 2020:


This software is capable of securing passwords, scanning for WiFi weaknesses, avoiding fake websites, improving ransomware security, blocking viruses and other malware, stopping webcam spying, and more.

Avast also makes available VPN protection. You cannot know when you’re in desperate need of catching some WiFi signal from random places. Avast is also capable of cleaning up files and removing the pesky junk files.

We shouldn’t also forget about the Avast Sandbox, as it comes in handy when you need testing certain apps or opening suspicious files in quarantine mode. This move prevents the file from interacting with the rest of your computer while it gets opened.

Kaspersky Security Cloud

“Your gateway to all our best protection”, that’s how its company itself describes the product. With just one account, you can benefit from the best features that Kaspersky Security Cloud has to offer. In the same package, you’ll get mobile security, password management, anti-ransomware functionality, VPN, and more.

You’ll also get privacy tools, Home WiFi security, data leak detection, as well as payment protection. Furthermore, they’re all easy to manage remotely.


Sophos is also a great alternative if you’re willing to benefit from cloud management, remote-accessed VPN, security for remote workers, EDR and MDR, and many more. Just so that you won’t get the chance to complain about a lack of modern ways of solving things, Sophos is also featuring plenty of artificial intelligent functionalities.

One of the statements from the official website says:

“Automatic threat response instantly identifies and isolates compromised systems on your network to stop threats from spreading.”

Bitdefender (Free Edition)

The free edition of Bitdefender offers protection against malware, viruses, phishing, ransomware, and also when it comes to several scam sites. The software even offers real-time protection using instant and autonomous action for protecting your system.

Bitdefender doesn’t even consume too many resources, and it runs silently in the background until a suspicious piece of software tries to make its way into your computer.

Perhaps the only chance to not like Bitdefender is to be one of those squeamish people who care too much about the appearance. This software lacks customizable options, and there are people carrying about this aspect.

Bitdefender currently enjoys a huge number of users worldwide – more than half a billion souls, so there’s no need to worry that the software will be lacking users anytime soon.


Avira is another strong antivirus software that also brings a VPN. The features include the blocking of online threats like ransomware, spyware and malicious websites. Avira is even capable of improving your computer’s performance, speed it up, and also accelerate its startup.

Among the highlights of Avira, there’s also a clean-up tool called System Speedup Pro, as it can remove temporary files and speed up the user’s computer. With this software, you don’t have to worry about your apps becoming outdated, as Avira is packed with the power of updating software from your computer.

If you don’t like any of the proposals of this article, you should keep in mind that being vigilant can always be a great way of staying safe from cyber threats as well. Feel free to tell us about your own selections when it comes to reliable and free-of-charge antiviruses!



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