The CEO of TikTok Has Quit. So What Happens Now?

The CEO of TikTok, Kevin Mayer, has left the company after disputes with the Trump administration. He stated: “We appreciate that the political dynamics of the last few months have significantly changed what the scope of Kevin’s role would be going forward, and fully respect his decision. We thank him for his time at the company and wish him well.”

The former CEO has announced his departure through an internal email. Vanessa Pappas will take over the position.

According to Mayer, he has taken a lot of time to think about the present situation and what the corporate structural changes will require, and if that’s really what he signed up for: “Against this backdrop, and as we expect to reach a resolution very soon, it is with a heavy heart that I wanted to let you all know that I have decided to leave the company.”

TikTok had to deal with a lot from the Trump administration. Trump wants an American company to purchase the business, and it is quite challenging since TikTok is a global company. If that’s not happening, Trump wants to ban the app in the US.

Who wants to buy the app?

When it comes to selling the app, Microsoft is the front runner, but Netflix and Oracle also want to buy it. There have been a lot of meetings with TikTok’s parent company, ByteDance.

The lawsuit

TikTok has also filed a lawsuit against the Trump administration after it has banned transactions with ByteDance: “We do not take suing the government lightly, however, we feel we have no choice but to take action to protect our rights and the rights of our community and employees.”








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