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The Eddy Season 2 Update – Current Status of Possible Air Date

Netflix is continuously expanding its list of great shows that present amazing and unique stories. Back in 2020, the musical drama genre was introduced by the giant. Jack Thorne is the mind behind the series, and it includes stars like Leila Bekhti, Adil Dehni, Tahar Rahim, and André Holland.

Randy Kerber and Glen Ballard composed the music. The show depicts a French club owner and his story of managing the live music venue during Paris’ evolution.

The series registered decent reviews for story, acting, and soundtrack.

Some fans are wondering if we will ever receive a second season.

We are here to show you all that’s known currently.


Unfortunately, there’s no official update from Netflix about a second season for the musical series.

Therefore, The Eddy is momentarily not renewed. However, that doesn’t exclude the possibility of obtaining another season, maybe in miniseries.

It was too well-received for Netflix to ditch it.

A serious fan base asks for a new season, so Netflix might choose to release a new season.

Possible Air Date

If Netflix agrees to extend the series with a new season, then it will probably be released either near the end of 2021 or at the beginning of 2022, because filming and editing are time-intensive tasks.

What You Should Know

Here are the celebrities that we expect to see in the cast of the second season of The Eddy: André Holland as Elliot Udo, Leïla Bekhti as Amira, Joanna Kulig as Maja, Tahar Rahim as Farid, Adil Dehbi as Sim, Randy Kerber as Randy, Ludovic Louis as Ludo, Damian Nueva Cortes as Jude, Lada Obradovic Katarina, Jowee Omicil Jowee, and Amandla Stenberg as Julie, Elliot’s daughter.

Stay tuned to learn more details about the possible second season, as soon as its creator chooses to publish them!



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