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The Elder Scrolls 6 Release Date New Leaks

Occasionally, a video game gives the feeling that it appeared more recently than it did. The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim is one of the games with this merit. The game has been re-released and ported in various versions and on various platforms, which made us almost forget that the original game came out nine long years ago.

With an array of visual upgrades, Skyrim has reached the contemporary generation’s visual appearance.  The game has even been made available for VR. Even so, fans are still filled with excitement at the thought of The Elder Scrolls: VI. We are aware that Bethesda’s developers are working on it in one way or another, but, unfortunately, the sixth installment of the series probably won’t appear for a long time.

An announcement trailer for The Elder Scrolls 6 was shown at E3 two years ago. Fans went through the roof upon hearing the news, and we’re hoping that, by now, they would be exploring another province in the marvelous world of Tamriel.

Unfortunately, all that excitement was for naught. We haven’t received any more news since the announcement trailer. Peter Hines, the top marketing and messaging executive over at Bethesda, has hinted that The Elder Scrolls VI will only come out after Starfield, which the general public is still pretty much in the dark about.

The fact that we are years away from hearing details about the Elder Scrolls VI probably means there is an even longer amount of time before we can play it. Late 2022 could be a possible moment at which the game would be released, but, for now, this is pure speculation.

Even if we don’t know much about the much-coveted game, we can try to guess some of its details. The two most likely settings for the game within the fictional world of Tamriel are Black Mars and Elsweyr.



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