The Fastest Way to Clear Your Google Play Store Cache on an Android

Ever since it was launched back in 2008, the Google Play Store has been a very popular marketplace for all the Android users – they use it to download all kinds of stuff, from apps to games to books.

With every download, background data is created and stored in the hidden cache. Your Google Play cache can actually make your phone work faster with the platform, by speeding up log-in times when your account is paired, which makes it easier – and quicker – for you to do certain things, such as re-download an app which you have removed.

When that hidden cache gets even larger, it can slow down your phone and your Google Play app – it can also freeze your device, and you are not able to download new apps. It’s necessary for you to clear the cache if the Google Play Store does not load properly. If there are clear signs that your phone loads poorly, then you need to make your cache.

We are here to show you how to do it:

First of all, you need to open your Android device and go to Settings. Then, look for Apps and tap on it when you find it. From there, you need to find the Google Play Store app and tap on it. From there, you need to find Storage, then tap on Clear Cache. You can also tap on Clear Data if you’re looking for “deep” removal of background data from your phone. This way, you’ll also refresh your Google Play experience.

The same goes for other apps if you want to clear cache for those, too. It’s that simple.

You need to keep in mind that, after you clear your Google Play data and cache, you will need to log into the platform once again.

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