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Inside One of the Most Popular DC Series: The Flash

The Flash is one of the best DC shows to ever arrive on our screens, without it actually being too edgy. The Flash is a superhero fantasy series, and every episode brings a new adventure. You get to see multiple timelines, time-travel, and lots of superpowers.

Every character has a vital role in building the series, and you will find yourself actually rooting for them. The series is full of plot twists and amazing revelations, and we are here to tell you everything you need to know about it.

The Flash was developed by Greg Berlanti, Andrew Kreisberg, and Geoff Johns and directed by Glen Winter and Irish Bancorl. It’s the story of a superhero that fights crimes. Before getting the 7th season, here is all you need to know about the first six.

Its IMDB rating is 7.7/10. You can watch it on Netflix and Amazon Prime. As of now, there are 134 episodes available.

What about the cast?

  • Flash (Barry Allen) – Grant Gustin
  • Iris West Allen – Candice Patton
  • Killer Frost – Danielle Panabaker
  • Eobard Thawne – Tom Cavanagh
  • Vibe – Carlos Valdes
  • Joe West – Jesse L. Martin
  • Elongated Man – Hartley Sawyer
  • Cecile Horton – Danielle Nicolet
  • Wally West – Keiynan Lonsdale
  • Oliver Queen – Stephen Amell
  • Nora West Allen – Jessica Parker Kennedy
  • Henry Allen – John Wesley Shipp

6 seasons – 134 episodes: everything there is to know:

Season 1 – 23 episodes

  • Summary

The season starts with Barry, who wakes up from a coma. He realizes that he has supernatural powers. He soon finds out that there are others with superpowers – this particular person was a product of the same test that it was administered to him. People get to know Barry as being a metahuman – he can replicate himself.

Then, we have Eddie and Iris, who are dating and hiding from Joe. Flash and S.T.A.R Labs are doing a lot of missions – they capture Kyle Nimbus, they stop a robbery, and find about a new meta-human, Tony. In order to defeat another metahuman, Fash, and Arrow come together as a team.

We also learn who kills Nora Allen – this character is way powerful than initially thought. Then, Captain Cold and Micky Rory return to town, planning on getting money. Captain Cold also wants to capture Flash, so he sets up a trap.

We’re also meeting a new nemesis, Rathaway, that turns out to be a threat for Wells and The Flash. We also get to see Reverse-Flash and Barry’s fight for good. Of course, the season ends with a cliffhanger – Wells presents to Barry a life-changing opportunity. Stein and Raymon eventually return to S.T.A.R Labs and start to help them.

  • Episodes

S1E1 – Pilot

S1E2 – Fastest Man Alive

S1E3 – Things You Can’t Outrun

S1E4 – Going Rogue

S1E5 – Plastique

S1E6 – The Flash is Born

S1E7 – Power Outage

S1E8 – Flash vs. Arrow

S1E9 – The Man in the Yellow Suit

S1E10 – Revenge of the Rogues

S1E11 – The Sound and the Fury

S1E12 – Crazy for You

S1E13 – The Nuclear Man

S1E14 – Fallout

S1E15 – Out of Time

S1E16 – Rouge Time

S1E17 – Tricksters

S1E18 – All Star Team Up

S1E19 – Who is Harrison Wells?

S1E20 – The Trap

S1E21 – Grodd Lives

S1E22 – Rogue Air

S1E23 – Fast Enough

Season 2  – 23 episodes

  • Summary

Season 2 introduces a new character in a black suit called Zoom. Zoom is actually Jay Garrick, Caitlin’s love interest, and Barry’s mentor. He was also known as Hunter Zolomon in Earth-2 – he took a serum in hoping he would go fast, but that was not the case. He could, however, steal speed from another speedster, which means that Barry was an excellent target for him

Zoom messes up the timeline, so he gets in a fight with Time Wraiths. In the second season, we also get to see Earth 2, where we all meet the replicas of the main characters. Zoom wishes to go a lot more faster, but the serum he takes makes him sick. He tries to take the speed from another speedster in hopes that he would get better, so he tracks every movement of Barry. On Earth 2, we see Caitlin as Killer Frost, Cisco as Reverb, and Barry as a geek married to Iris.

Iris invited Wally to the West family. Barry saves Wally’s life after a complete disaster. However, Wally and Jesse get injured.

At the end of the season, we see Barry traveling back in time when his mother gets murdered. He is aware that he cannot mess with the timeline and history itself. However, he still stops Reverse Flash from killing his mom.

  • Episodes

S2E1 – The Man Who Saved Central City

S2E2 – Flash of Two Worlds

S2E3 – Family of Rogues

S2E4 – The Fury of Firestorm

S2E5 – The Darkness and the Light

S2E6 – Enter Zoom

S2E7 – Gorilla Warfare

S2E8 – Legends of Today

S2E9 – Legends of Yesterday

S2E10 – Running to Stand Still

S2E11 – Potential Energy

S2E12 – The Reverse-Flash Returns

S2E13 – Fast Lane

S2E14 – Welcome to Earth-2

S2E15 – Escape from Earth-2

S2E16 – King Shark

S2E17 – Trajectory

S2E18 – Flash Back

S2E19 – Versus Zoom

S2E20 – Back to Normal

S2E21 – Rupture

S2E22 – The Runaway Dinosaur

S2E23 – Invincible

Season 3 – 23 episodes

  • Summary

We’re getting The Flashpoint. Berry went back in the past and managed to mess with the timeline. He stopped the Reverse-Flash from killing his mother. By doing this, it made a series of changes. Cisco resented Barry for Dante’s death. Iris and Joe’s relationship gets worse after Iris finds out that Joe kept her mother’s situation a secret. We also learn that Caitlin turns into Killer Frost, and her doppelganger did on Earth 2.

Because of the Flashpoint, there was a loop created, which brought Savitar into existence. We learn that Savitar is the supervillain of this season. He is actually Barry’s time remanent. A few months in the future, he would kill Iris. We see how he gets his hands on the Philosopher’s stone and becomes even more powerful.

We see how Barry saves Iris after he finds out she would be killed by Savitar. However, we learn in the season finale that it wasn’t actually Barry who saved her, but H.R. Once again, we are left with a cliffhanger.

  • Episodes

S3E1 – Flashpoint

S3E2 – Paradox

S3E3 – Magenta

S3E4 – The New Rogues

S3E5 – Monster

S3E6 – Shade

S3E7 – Killer Frost

S3E8 – Invasion!

S3E9 – The Present

S3E10 – Borrowing Problems From the Future

S3E11 – Dead or Alive

S3E12 – Untouchable

S3E13 – Attack on Gorilla City

S3E14 – Attack on Central City

S3E15 – The Wrath of Savitar

S3E16 – Into the Speed Force

S3E17 – Duet

S3E18 – Abra Kadabra

S3E19 – The Once and Future Flash

S3E20 – I Know Who You Are

S3E21 – Cause and Effect

S3E22 – Infantino Street

S3E23 – Finish Line

Season 4 – 23 episodes

  • Summary

This season brings a new enemy for Barry Allen, and this time, it’s not a speedster. We get to know DeVoe, who thinks that its intelligence is due to a rapid progression in technology. He was the one to create metahumans, who – as he believes – will help him achieve his goals. We see Barry winning this fight by being a human with emotions and empathy.

Nora, Iris, and Barry’s daughter is the speedster that saved the Central City. She is from the future, and the city would be in ruin if it wasn’t for her. Barry and Iris also get married, but their road together does not start as it was supposed to be. We then learn that Barry gets sentences to life in prison.

Caitlin, on the other hand, realizes that her abilities were not stolen, but rooted inside of her. She turns to Killer Frost and finds it in the most unusual way – by looking in the rearview mirror of a bike. This means that her powers didn’t generate because of a particle explosion. Also, Caitlin is the only one who knows that her father died.

  • Episodes

S4E1 – The Flash Reborn

S4E2 – Mixed Signals

S4E3 – Luck Be A Lady

S4E4 – Elongated Journey Into Night

S4E5 – Girls Night Out

S4E6 – When Harry Met Harry…

S4E7 – Therefore I Am

S4E8 – Crisis on Earth-X, Part 3

S4E9 – Don’t Run

S4E10 – The Trial of The Flash

S4E11 – The Elongated Knight Rises

S4E12 – Honey, I Shrunk Team Flash

S4E13 – True Colors

S4E14 – Subject 9

S4E15 – Enter Flashtime

S4E16 – Run Iris, Run

S4E17 – Null and Annoyed

S4E18 – Lose Yourself

S4E19 – Fury Rogue

S4E20 – Therefore She Is

S4E21 – Harry and the Harrisons

S4E22 – Think Fast

S4E23 – We Are The Flash

Season 5 – 22 episodes

  • Summary

In this season, we get to learn more about Nora, who we’ve met back in Season 4. She’s the daughter of Iris and Barry. Nora has also messed up with the timeline, and she needs to help of her parents to make it right. She will now get all the love she didn’t in the future.

We see that Nora has been traveling back and forth to see Eobard Thwane’s imprisonment sentence. Eobard is the one who wants to destroy Barry – but we learn that in the future. We also see a young Wells – Sherloque – coming into the future. This detective shows how the betrayal was coming right from Nora. Caitlin and Cisco are not fond of the idea of being a superhero. They’re not helping Nora and Barry fix things. Also, Caitlin finds it hard to make the difference between her and Killer Frost.

We also get to meet Cicada, who is known for hating all of the metahumans, Flash being the excellent target for sending her niece into a coma. Cicada grows to be even more powerful than Barry, and, also, more villainous than what we’ve seen so far.

  • Episodes

S5E1 – Nora

S5E2 – Blocked

S5E3 – The Death of Vibe

S5E4 – News Flash

S5E5 – All Doll’d Up

S5E6 – The Icicle Cometh

S5E7 – O Come, All Ye Thankful

S5E8 – What’s Past Is Prologue

S5E9 – Elseworlds: Part 1

S5E10 – The Flash & The Furious

S5E11 – Seeing Red

S5E12 – Memorabilia

S5E13 – Goldfaced

S5E14 – Cause and XS

S5E15 – King Shark VS Gorilla Grodd

S5E16 – Failure is an Orphan

S5E17 – Time Bomb

S5E18 – Godspeed

S5E19 – Snow Pack

S5E20 – Gone Rogue

S5E21 – The Girl With The Red Lightning

S5E22 – Legacy

Season 6 – 20 episodes

  • Summary

In this season, we see how Barry and Iris have lost their daughter, Nora. We meet these characters full of grief. Killer Frost almost dies, which changes her ties with Caitlin. Barry finds out that he will die, so he tried to fight this idea. Cecile finds a super evil metahuman. We also see that Iris is still stuck inside the Mirrorverse with Kamilla and Singh. Joe is put in the eyewitness security program, so he starts to think of a plan on how to save his family and friends.

Since Barry knows that he will soon die, he prepares the others – and Team Flash – to live without him. He tries to train Cisco for the fight with Crisis, but it is all ruined when Cisco tries to save Barry’s life. And when Crisis comes, the team tries to revive Barry. Luckily, they come up with a plan that saves the day.

We also see Kid Flash returning with a calm attitude and new things to show. Godspeed also returns, but a lot of things that changed. Barry is trying to get Rathway’s help, but he knows that he and Pied Piper are not on very good terms, and it’s all because of Crisis.

At the end of the season, we see Barry trying to come up with a plan to save Iris from Mirrorverse.

  • Episodes

S6E1 – Into the Void

S6E2 – A Flash of the Lightning

S6E3 – Dead Man Running

S6E4 – There Will Be Blood

S6E5 – Kiss Kiss Breach Breach

S6E6 – License to Elongate

S6E7 – The Last Temptation of Barry Allen, PT. 1

S6E8 – The Last Temptation of Barry Allen, PT. 2

S6E9 – Crisis on Infinite Earths: Part Three

S6E10 – Marathon

S6E11 – Love is a Battlefield

S6E12 – A Girl Named Sue

S6E13 – Grodd Friended Me

S6E14 – Death of the Speed Force

S6E15 – The Exorcism of Nash Wells

S6E16 – So Long and Goodnight

S6E17 – Liberation

S6E18 – Pay the Piper

S6E19 – Success is Assured

S6E20 – The Flash: Comic-Con 2019 Sizzle

We are looking forwards to seeing that the producers have in mind for the following seasons.



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