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The Funniest Cat Videos Ever!

Are you looking for the funniest cat videos ever? Look no further! We’ve scoured the internet to find the most hilarious clips of cats getting up to all kinds of crazy antics. From getting themselves into silly situations to expertly bending humans to their will, you won’t believe the types of things these cats get up to! So, grab some popcorn and prepare to laugh your socks off as we take a look at the funniest cat videos ever.

Let’s get the cat video countdown started!

(Did we miss any? Suggest your favorites in the comments.)

#10 Tickled Silly (‘Surprised Kitty’)

This little gray and white furball might be one of the most popular kittens to ever end up in a cat video on YouTube. With close to 80 million views, he’s climbed his way into all our hearts.

But how is this moment of his so famous? He already has being a cat on the internet in his favor, but the real fame all comes down to his reaction to being tickled. Maybe cats can giggle too. We know this one has us trying to hold back laughter of our own.

See for yourself. You won’t regret it for a moment.

#9 Cat meets water (‘Cat Falls in Bathtub’)

This is a funny cat video that hasn’t gotten nearly enough attention. A combination of a cat and a bathtub rarely ends well, but you have to see just how badly this one goes (and don’t worry, both the cat and lizard miraculously remain unscathed).

The video starts out slowly enough, and there’s only a small amount of water at the bottom of the tub, so you’re probably thinking, “How badly can this really go?” Just wait for it and watch the video below. You’ll be rolling on the floor in laughter shortly.

#8 Cats Vs. Cucumbers

Ever since cat owners discovered that cats overreact to cucumbers, funny cat videos have been popping up everywhere to catch cats in the act of reacting to cucumbers. The scene usually starts with the owner sneaking up quietly and placing the vegetable behind their distracted cat. It never takes long for things to evolve from there.

What is it about cucumbers that result in the funniest cat videos ever?? All we can think is that the veggie kind of looks like a green snake at first glance. While hilarious, it somehow falls under normal cat behavior- just like many other things they do, such as kneading and purring (which they talk about over at Love to Know Pets).

If we can really call cat behavior normal…

Anyway, it wasn’t easy to pick just one funny cat video when it came to this topic, so we went with the best compilation out there. Make sure you’re not operating any heavy equipment while watching this one.

#7 Oh, the Drama!

Cats are known to be dramatic. They act like they’re being starved if the tiniest bit of the bottom of the food bowl is showing, and they always want to be petted until the moment when you actually go to pet them. That’s just cats being cats. That said…

This cat tops the charts for drama among the funny cat videos out there. Just look at his reaction to seeing himself in the mirror. Even the best horror film actors can’t top that one.

#6 Cats Vs. Invisible Wall

The creator behind the Kittisaurus channel on YouTube is always looking for new and creative ways to challenge their cats and create the funniest cat videos ever. This one might be one of the most amusing to watch as the cats try to find their way through the “invisible wall” in an effort to reach the moving toy on the other side.

#5 Henri Le Chat Noir

We don’t know what’s really going through Henri’s mind when he looks at his water bowl for the thousandth time. His owner thinks they might have an idea, though, and that has resulted in one of the most artistically unique and funniest cat videos ever.

Henri Le Chat Noir video

Will Braden has been making artistic videos for over a decade. Yet, somehow, his most famous videos aren’t the ones that include humans. Nope, as always, cats outshine us on the internet.
To understand why, you only have to watch this dramatically morose video on the woes of being a cat.

#4 Feline spa day

Cats can be very picky about things. As they point out at PetNews2Day, cats being picky about food is common. Most also have an aversion to the bathtub, but not this cat! She actually seems to enjoy her spa days.

We know this cat mom probably didn’t upload the spa experience for it to end up on our list of funny cat videos. Still, once you see Queen Neytiri’s little cat ear shower cap and tiny cat-size bathrobe, in addition to how she reacts to being pampered, you’ll understand why we were giggling all the way through watching this one.

#3 Keyboard cat!

This one is a classic cat video that just could not be left off the list. Since it was uploaded to YouTube, the video has been viewed nearly 70 million times. It seems like a piano and a cat playing it are the winning combination. We can dance to that.
Is this what makes cats so adorable?

#2 (It’s a tie) The cat’s in the bag

Remember that old saying, “the cat’s out of the bag”? Well, these two cats might still be working on getting to that. It seems like getting into the bag was the only easy part!

#1 The top of the list for funniest cat videos ever

What can we say? This video includes a cat in a shark costume riding a Roomba and following a duck. It’s what internet gold is made from. We could watch this one all day.

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