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The Google Pixel 4a – Why Does The company Bother With Flagships Anymore?

Google released the Pixel 3a more than a year ago. The device had a strong impact with its Nexus-like features, which used to be stable value for money without the fuss that follows most modern flagship smartphones.

Meanwhile, Google was busy releasing its latest flagship, the Pixel 4.

A Disappointment?

Google removed the Pixel 4 from sale after less than a year, though stock is still being sold, mainly due to its lackluster reception.

The Pixel 4a is Google’s latest bet until the Pixel 5 is released. Thankfully, the 4a might save their image!

The difference between the 3 and 3a was noticeable – One was a flagship while the other was a budget version.


However, the difference between the 4 and 4a is questionable, as the latter has some hardware improvements over its predecessor.

The most notable upgrade is the hole-punch camera, which grants the 4a an extra 3mm of display in a smaller form factor than the Pixel 4 thanks to the removal of the top bezel.

The 4a features a 5.8-inch 19.5:0 OLED screen and physical dimensions of 144 millimeters by 69.4 millimeters.

The 4, however, is a 19:9 5.7-inch OLED display with dimensions of 147.1 mm by 68.8mm.

The 4a also has a superior battery, nearly 350 mAh bigger than the 4.

The base storage is also superior to the 4, and it features two details that the 4 doesn’t – A fingerprint scanner and headphone jack.

We are saying that Google stepping back from the premium flagship game would make a lot of sense.

Their budget devices have recorded impressive sales figures, and it looks like Google fans want decent performance (but not top-tier) for an affordable price!



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