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The Google Play Store Bug Hiding Apps When Searching Has Been Fixed

Last month, people reported a serious bug on the Google Play Store that stayed unfixed for a while. The issue has been flagged by numerous users and developers, and it impacted the search option of the app: it didn’t show recently added apps, even with the correct keywords being used.

No Search Results

A report coming from Android Authority noted that the bug blocks you from finding particular apps and games on the Google Play Store. These applications, which are all available and ready to use, are not showing in the search results, no matter how you search for them.

Interestingly enough, searching for the app with spaces between the name and underscores seemed to give the desired result.

According to Android Authority, which was the first to spot the reports, many popular developers were seen leaving comments on the issue, saying that something had happened with the search functionality. For instance, users searched for the ‘Deliver The Duck’ game, utilizing the exact name of the app, as well as the keywords, but the search results were not shown at all.

Even so, typing the ‘Deliver_The_Duck’ phrase would bring the app right at the top. Back then, it was not clear whether this bug was, in fact, an intentional test, or an issue in the search or indexing utility.

Issue Solved

Now, it seems like the issue is finally being solved, as per XDADevelopers. Some users began noticing that the search results came as they should. An official statement was, however, made today, confirming that the bug had indeed been addressed.

The Google Play Store also got a revamp back in August, which enhanced the way users searched for apps and other types of content.

Irrelevant of the fact the issue was originated the developers’ attempt to enhance the search functionality or something else, is completely useless now. The fix is welcomed by developers who were massively affected by this issue.



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