The iPhone 12 Series Release Date Might Be Postponed Or Not

The rumors say that the new Apple 12 family will be postponed due to the coronavirus crisis. As we all know, the materials are manufactured in China, is accurate, far from the affected areas. However, still, it can present a significant risk spreading the materials all over the world. Even so, we have a promise that the product will be launched possibly in limited amounts, somewhere this fall.

This was not in their plans, but China has recently discovered new cases of coronavirus, and the whole world is getting from bad to worse, a fact that changes everything, the production, distribution, etc.

This will be a significant problem for the brand. Just a few days ago, the demand for the new model was increasing, and I am pretty sure that the users will not take no for an answer.

The iPhone 12 models – Release date

Apple already started to reopen its 42 Chinese brick and mortar locations and hired many assemblers needed for honoring the orders placed by Apple for the 2020 iPhone models. Still, as expected, most of the customers will focus their attention on their health and not their smartphones.

As the Wall Street Journal confirms, the economic crisis caused by the coronavirus will force the usual customers who buy the new iPhone every year, to stick to their old device until the situation is repaired.

Adam Michaels, a sport-radio producer, is one of those costumers. He says that for the moment, the iPhone 12 models will cause some expenses for him and his family, costs that are not very important right now, he says that health and care for the ones in need, is more critical than buying any device what so ever. Although the crisis reaches higher levels every day, this gives Apple the chance to analyze and anticipate all the sales that are about to come.

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