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The Last of Us 2 Is Full of Teeny-Tiny Details, and We’re Surprised

The Last of Us 2 is a very good looking game.  Even if you play it on the Playstation 4 console, this game will impress you at all times. You might want to dive into it a bit, and take a look at all the details. Besides the Easter eggs and all the references, there are so many details to see in this game. We’re here to help you see all of them.

Details of glass

In case you didn’t know, you can smash glass in the game, but the physics for the material will shook you up. Let’s say you throw a glass bottle to an enemy. The shards of glass will place themselves into their skin. And you’ll be able to see that crystal clear.

Abby’s afraid of heights

We all know that Abby is afraid of heights. We hear it during a dialogue and during a late section in the game. But if you are playing as Abby, try to get close to the edge of an elevated platform. You’ll see the fear right on the screen. The field of view changes, and the edges are blurred, and Abby soon becomes short of breath.

Bandages get soaked with blood in time

When you need to use a first aid kit to heal in the game, the character will wrap its arm with a bandage. But if you look closely, you’ll see that the injury will still bleed, and will soak the bandage in time. That’s a lot of details to work on.

Details of gore

The game has some parts in which it is gross, but we cannot let this out. From time to time, you’ll have some explosives in your hands, and we are not going to lie, they are very powerful. Enemies will basically explode, and their remains will get physical properties. Have you ever seen a piece of flesh falling off the ceiling? You should.

If the backpack gets wet, the things you’re carrying will get wet too.

We have all seen how good Naughty Dog is with making clothes wet, but they took it to a whole new level in The Last of Us 2. If your backpack gets wet, all that you carry inside of it – maps, notes, weapons, will be wet, too. If you wet only half of your backpack, then only half of your stuff will be wet, as well, and oh my god, the details with this one are amazing!

Blood melts snow

We have all seen the snowy areas in The Last of Us 2, but did you notice that blood melts the snow it touches? We did, you should too.

Snow falls off trees naturally

Speaking of snow, you will also see that it gets on trees, as well. So if you walk through the branches of these trees, naturally, the snow will fall.

We just think it is amazing that we have so many details to enjoy while playing the game. Make sure you check them out too!




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