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The Limited Edition Fortnite Xbox One Controller Is Here; Grab It as Soon as Possible!

It’s Cyber Monday, and we are all excited! All the Cyber Monday game deals are here. For example, the Fortnite Purple Xbox One Wireless controller in limited edition is here with the price of £45.99 – you save £19. You can find it at Argos, and they have already given a stock warning, they could all be gone any moment now.

£45.99 for the limited edition of the Wireless Controller – the usual one – was a great deal, too. If you’re a huge fan of Fortnite, you will be happy to know that you get 500 V-Bucks on the package, as well, and a Legendary Dark Vertex skin. This means that you can go to the Fortnite shop and get some emotes. You are able only to get that skin if you buy this bundle, or a Fortnite Xbox One S bundle, which is rare, and right to have in your locker.

Some of the limited edition designs are way too much, but this one from Fortnite is quite good, actually. It really deserves the limited-edition tag. The purple color suits it best. The controller is fantastic, with all the shade next to the face buttons.

However, if you want more controllers, games, accessories, or bundles, make sure you check out the stores as soon as possible.

Which sites should you take into account?

Amazon is among the best ones here; they update the new deals regularly. There’s also, which has top savings for Airpods, iPad, and Macbook. Currys have significant savings on laptops, tablets, and consoles, and the prices are promising. LapTopsDirect also has savings – of 50% – on tablets and laptops. Argos has new lines added, and about 20% off Pokemon. On Bose, you can save up to 45%.





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