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The Moon Is Changing Faces Each Month – The Next Phase in 2020

Even if we are not astronomers, when we look at the Moon, it is impossible not to be fascinated about it. When the Moon is in the Full phase, the satellite it’s the most beautiful than ever. So, the question for us all is why the Moon changes its faces each month and when it will happen next? We will explain to you why the Moon is so bright and what is so special about it.

Almost all the time, the Moon is the brightest object that you see in the night sky, and then comes the stars. However, even if we contemplate at the Moon in the night sky, we are not seeing its full phase all the time. So, what is happening when the Moon is not complete and why we don’t have a lunar eclipse every month? The Moon is working the same as our planet. The Earth is orbiting around the Sun, while the Moon is revolving around the Earth.

The Moon Is Changing Faces Each Month

Besides this, the duration for a complete orbiting cycle takes 27 days to complete around Earth. The natural satellite had a transition to the New Moon on February 27. What is the New Moon? This is a phase of the Moon that appears crescent after its conjunction with the Sun. In English, it means that the Moon is facing one of the faces in shadow to the Earth. Also, the New Moon is happening only when the Sun, Moon, and Earth are aligning in order. It takes four days in this state, and after that, it will slowly move to the other side of our planet, showing us the Full phase.

By and large, the Moon will enter a lunar eclipse when it passes in the Earth’s inner shadow, even with a small part. Also, during 2020, the Moon will have four penumbral eclipses. The penumbral eclipses are happening when the Moon is passing into the penumbra of the last section of our planet.



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