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The Most Common Problems With Your VR Headset Are Solved With These Steps

We can list all of the fantastic things we get to experience with a PlayStation VR, but what happens if your VR headset is not working as it should be? You might encounter some troubles again and again, without actually finding a solution, and it might be frustrating. Virtual Reality is an entirely different world, and the things we get to experience are fantastic. Owning a console would be out of ordinary, but a VR set is altogether astonishing.

We are here to help you if you encounter problems with your VR headset.

It’s all about the colors

If the color is red, with two flashes, it means that your VR Processor Unit is entering the rest mode. If the color is red and it’s static, it means that it is in rest mode already. If the red color is flashing continuously, it means that your VR headset is overheating.

If the color is white, and it is flashing, it means that your VR Processor Unit is powering up. If it’s white and it’s static, it means that it is powered up and working.

The problem with tracking the movement

Your VR headset is not tracking the movement as it should be, and it shows you the message “outside of the area.” The in-game avatar is moving without your direct indications. Before you start looking for a solution, you need to make sure that there is no other lightening item that interferes with the VR headset. Cover up all the windows and mirrors, because the reflection can interfere with your headset, too.

If this is not the problem, then you need to make sure that you are sitting in the proper area, so that the VR headset can see your picture without troubles. You need to be 6 feet away from the camera.

You also need to make sure that the lenses are not dirty – wipe them off with a clean cloth.

Don’t forget to turn off any Bluetooth device that’s nearby, because this one can also interfere with your headset.

The problem with the blurry image

This one is quite common, and you can quickly solve it by changing the settings.

For this one, you need to go to the quick menu on PS4 and press Adjust PlayStation VR and Adjust headset position. You will find the “scope adjustment button” at the bottom of your headset and the “headband release button” on the back. They will both help you with this matter.

If this didn’t work, try to adjust the eye-to-eye distance. For this one, go to Settings, then to Choose Devices. Then tap on PlayStation VR and click on the eye-to-eye range. You will get some instructions that you need to follow. The camera will measure your face, so make sure you keep a distance of 70 centimeters.



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