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The Most Expensive Cat Breeds

Most Expensive Cat Breeds

Anybody who owns a cat knows exactly how expensive it can be. Cats are wonderful creatures, but they often have a specialized diet, want plenty of things to play with, and are quite specific about how and where they relax. They are often demanding personalities, but we love these fur babies no matter how much of a strain they may put on our wallets.

Sometimes cats are expensive, really expensive, before you even buy things for them. If you ever feel guilty about how much you spend on spoiling your kitty, here are the most expensive cats in the world.

The Ashera

Life comes with tough choices. Sometimes the choice is if you should buy a house or buy a cat. The Ashera is a unique cat breed that is bred in California. Only five Ashera kittens are bred each year, which partially explains the cost: $125,000. There’s some controversy surrounding the breed as it is purported to be a mix of the Asian leopard cat, the African serval, and the domestic housecat. Some experts, however, theorize it’s little more than a Savannah F1 cat.

Savannah Cat

If you want to own an Ashera cat, but don’t want to spend Ashera cat money then at $50,000 a Savannah Cat may be for you. This cat is a mix between the wild African Serval cat and the domestic Persian cat. If you’re looking for a lazy house cat you’ll be disappointed because the Savannah cat is incredibly active and able to easily leap onto countertops and refrigerator tops. They require a lot of exercise and stimulation, so keep that in mind should you decide to drop a mid-sized car note on one.


Want a cat with an exotic style, but only have a measly $25,000 laying around? You can always settle for a Bengal. Not only does this gorgeous breed have the markings of a jungle cat, they’re also dog and child friendly. Bengals require a lot of exercise and attention, and their curiosity can definitely result in them being troublemakers. If you have the temperament, the energy, and of course the dough, the Bengal just might be the luxury breed that you are looking for.


A Persian cat may not be exotic by today’s standards. However, they’re still loving, beautiful cats. You may find caring for their long, luxurious hair to be trying at times. That comes with the territory when you pay upwards of $5,000 for a cat. Persians are nowhere near as rambunctious as the previously mentioned breeds, so there are fewer concerns about potential property damage.


If you’ve ever wanted to have the same cat as owned by Dr. Evil, then you’re dream can come true with $5,000. Some people don’t find these hairless cats to be cute, while others think they have a sort of distinguished charm. The feline does have sensitive skin, which is well-suited to its affectionate and relaxed attitude. If you want a lap cat, then this just may be the breed you are looking for.

Scottish Fold

Scottish Fold cats are known for their super fluffy gray fur and their adorable tucked ears. The Scottish Fold will cost you anywhere between $800 to $3,000. They’re even-tempered so you don’t have to worry about them being destructive, but you can expect a little more activity than you would get out of a lazy lap cat.

Russian Blue

This breed will cost you upwards of $3,000. It has a beautiful silvery fur coat with striking green eyes. The Russian Blue is interesting due to the fact that they are highly sociable. In fact, they’ll match the mood of the person who spends the most time with them. If you want a high-energy cat for playing with then you’ve got it. If you want a low-energy kitty you can chill out with, you’ve got it.

American Curl

If you’re looking for a cat with an adorable coat, loves to play, and is loyal, spend roughly $1,200 on the American Curl cat. The trademark curly ears that these beautiful long-haired cats have is the result of a random genetic mutation. They’re a highly intellectual and social breed, making them quite affectionate towards humans. They are fantastic companion kitties.

Egyptian Mau Cat

Cats were practically worshipped in Ancient Egypt and arguably no breed of cat remembers this better than the Egyptian Mau. The Egyptian Mau is a beautiful, regal cat. This breed is considered rare and well known for being intelligent, athletic mouser. If you are looking for a lively cat who could help you with a pest problem, then the $900 to $1,600 you could expect to pay for it may be a cost that justifies itself over time.

Which Cat To Get?

The most important thing you need to remember when deciding to spend money on an expensive cat is that you do not buy an animal because they are expensive or because it can be a sort of status symbol. You buy an animal because you are looking for a creature to share your love with.

At the end of the day, more than price, you need to be sure that the cat that you pick has a personality that you will fall in love with and that you are able to keep up with. If you want a lazy lap cat, a Savannah is out of the question. If you’re looking for a cat who’ll keep up with your active lifestyle, can count on the Peterbald. Ultimately, you should pick the cat that will match your lifestyle (and bank account!)



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