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The New iPhone Update Brings Back Humans Listening to Siri Recordings. Here’s How to Stop It

Apparently, the latest Apple update will record users’ convos with Siri, that before allowing workers to listen to them, and then review them. You can change this. Apple wants to resume the use of humans in order to review the Siri commands and the dictation with the latest iPhone update for the software iOS 13.2, which is available now.

Back in August, Apple got rid of this practice and apologized for using people, and not machines, to review the audio. Many people raised privacy issues with regard to this matter. It’s something common in the tech industry, but Apple lost its position as a trusted source of privacy.

How to change it

After you install the update, you need to open Settings, then go to Privacy to Analytics and Improvements. Then click on the button to turn off the Improve Siri & Dictation.

The CEO, Tim Cook, has declared that the company believes in “privacy is a fundamental human right,” and he again apologized on behalf of the company.

Right now, Apple is giving a heads-up to all the people getting the iOS 13.2 update. Users can choose “Not Now” in order to decline the service. Those users who enable it can turn it off later.

Apple also stated that the Siri data would not be associated with a user’s Apple ID.

Practice helps them improve artificial intelligence services. But it’s not okay to have humans listen to recordings, because an employee could leak some info – we are talking about the sensitive conversations.

How to delete the recordings

You need to go to sSettings and then go to Siri & Search. Then, open Siri & Dictation History. Then you need to press the right button that says Delete Siri & Dictation History, then press on confirm.



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