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The Next Borderlands 3 DLC Release: There Is a Pattern to Follow

Borderlands 3 put its first three months of DLC in a straightforward way: in a packaged called the 2019 Fall/Winter DLC Roadmap. The reveal managed to set a precedent, and fans are expecting the game next year. However, the Spring 2020 DLC roadmap has been released, and the predictions are not what we all thought they would be. It seems that the Gearbox has three types of content: Maliwan Blacksit, in-game events like the ones from October, with Bloody Harvest, and paid story DLCs. The timing is very different.

The original Borderlands 3 Fall/Winter DLC Roadmap was released in September, in October we had a Halloween Seasonal event, and in November we saw the game’s first add on takedown mission. December came with a new story DLC. However, January and February did not make it into the roadmap. The Spring 2020 DLC Roadmap shows that we will get the next Story DLC in March and that April will come with the in-game event. May might be the month in which we see the introduction of the next takedown.


The future is quite uncertain right now. There are many theories out there that might explain this decision. We wonder, did they want to split it up into the two separate seasons? This way, it might be a more precise pattern to follow.

In the first month of Fall – September – we saw the release of the game, which relates to the story that DLCs have released. This is the first significant paid content dropped for Borderlands 3. In October, we saw the Halloween event, the Bloody Harvest, and in November, we got the first takedown mission. Then in the first month of the Winter – in December – we got the first paid story DLC, but January was left out without an explanation. And then, in February, we get the game’s second seasonal event.





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