The ‘SimRefinery’ Game Really Exists and it’s FREE for Everyone

For those who never heard of SimRefinery, they shouldn’t be upset. It’s one of the most notoriously “lost” video games for PC’s, and it’s now available as a fully playable title. We should be thankful to an Ars Technica reader who commented on the story of its legend.

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Download from

Although it’s an incomplete version, you are free to download and play it. This is a screenshot of the game:

Librarian and archivist Phil Salvador declared the following:

“Nobody held onto SimRefinery because it didn’t seem important,”

“It was a one-off, somewhat unsuccessful training program for an oil refinery in California. In the grand scheme of Maxis, it was one of their least important titles, which has only now become an object of interest in the video game community because of its unavailability.”

YouTuber LGR Blerbs uploaded a video where he explains more about the SimRefinery game and while playing it on an ‘ancient’ retro MS-DOS PC:

The popularity of the video speaks for itself about how interesting the game is for the fans. In only one day after its launch on YouTube, LGR Blerbs’ video gathered 19, 161 views, 173 comments, and 1, 800 likes.

Short intro

As Wikipedia says, SimRefinery is a computer management simulation game created for simulating Chevron’s Richmond refinery operation. The game was developed by the division of Maxis Business Simulations in 1993.

SimRefinery was created after the success gathered by SimCity. After rejecting requests from several companies, the development team agreed to make a prototype for Chevron.

Maybe SimRefinery won’t be played by hardcore fans of GTA 5, but it’s still worth giving a try.

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