The Sims 4 Is Getting a New Expansion Pack: Your Sim Goes to College Now

The Sims 4 comes with a new expansion soon. Recently, they have released some new expansions, including Realm of Magic. We heard this rumor some time ago, and it has become true – we get a University expansion!

A recent report has shown that a leak appeared in the US Xbox One store. This leak includes an overview of the game, images, and a full description of the expansion. The game is known for letting you freely take care of your character. Well, now you are able to send them to University. It would be just like real life: the classes are essential, and they would affect your Sim.

This expansion has classes such as engineering, law, education, and some other extra lessons for your Sim. You can also learn ping-pong or Robotics. The classes will help your Sim succeed in the profession you choose for them. The funny thing is that you can pull pranks against the rival school. There are also clubs available, juice pong, juggling, and soccer. Your Sim will have the full college experience.

Sims gives you a lot of options, and the expansions have been a must-have for any player out there. More expansions equal more fun for us. We don’t know anything about any other expansion so far, but players are expecting at least another one until the next Sims game is released.

By buying this expansion, your Sim will only have things to gain. There is more than only described in the leaked description. You need to keep in mind that the Sims expansion needs a copy of the main The Sims 4 game before you could play it.

For consoles, the supposed release date is the 17th of December. For PC, players should get the game a month early.

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