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The Sims 4: Your Sim Can Now Go to College

In November, Electronic Arts will add the University expansion, and fans are thrilled. These new two institutes are free to visit for players when they send their Sim to school. They can take classes, join organizations, and even play college games, such as juice pong. Electronic Arts have announced that players on Mac and PC will get the new expansion on the 15th of November, while those players on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One will get it on the 17th of December.

The two schools are The University of Britechester and the Foxbury Institute. You can choose to let your Sim live on the campus. One of the essential things from going to college is interacting with others, so creators of the game will allow players to do that. You will be able to join a different club or hang out with other characters – roommates or classmates. You will also get to join a secret society – if you find out how. Creators also announced juice pong and juice keg parties for this game. You will also be able to take classes – you’ll even get final grades at the end of college, which will reflect your work throughout college.

College in The Sims will be like college in real life. You get to choose your classes. You get the usual ones, such as Biology and Computer Science, and also some odd ones, such as Villainy. You will need to attend lectures, write papers, and give presentations. Attending classes and skipping them will also affect your grade. If you want a better career for your Sim, you might want to put him or her to study.

The game’s University expansion will be released next month for those of you who play the game on Mac and PC. There’s also a trailer on the internet, so make sure you check that out.





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