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The Sims 5 Could Arrive Next Year

The Sims 5 could launch as soon as next year, or the developers might be out of their minds to abandon this next title of their best-selling game series. Last year, EA Games, the publisher, did not participate at the E3 2019 event but started their own, known as EA Play. In the meantime, fans of the life simulation game franchise were highly anticipating the release of the fifth sequel during EA Play 2019; they were left with nothing.

Both EA and Maxis, the game developers, did not announce anything about The Sims 5 until now. However, there are a few speculations that say The Sims 5 game is kept hidden. According to the rumor, the first trailer with details on the launch date and gameplay will be announced at EA Play 2020.

The Sims 5 Trailer Launch in 2020

Fans are eagerly expecting for EA Play 2020 to bring the good news along with their favorite title. According to some rumors, The Sims 5​ will be confirmed at the company’s event with some kind of trailer, or even a full gameplay reveal. The event is scheduled to take place in June of next year, with tickets available starting with March.

The appearance of Keanu Reeves on the stage of E3 2019 as he announced his role in Cyberpunk 2077 was an outstanding moment, much like a reveal of The Sims 5​ will look like.

The Sims 5 – Release Date, Gameplay, Features

The Sims 5​ is expected to come with some new cool features and expansion packs such as parenthood, university life, seasons, and so on. There are also rumors that pets and farm animals would make an appearance in the fifth sequel of the franchise.

EA could launch the popular game ​sometime late in 2020 or early 2021 if the reports end up being correct. There are also speculations regarding virtual reality (VR) support in The Sims 5​, but this and all the other rumors remain to be seen.



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