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The Sims 5 Could Come after the Last Sims 4 Update Patch

Even until now, in 2020, we don’t have an official release date for The Sims 5. We don’t have it because the company didn’t stop the patch and expansion packs update for the current game, the Sims 4. At the same time, The Sims 4 will not receive the next batch of updates any soon.

A lot of theories and rumors are coming to life based on this sudden stop. One of the argument is saying that if these updates are stopping, then we could finally see The Sims 5.

Based on some sources, it is said that EA is canceling the Maxi Monthly Stream from this month. We don’t know the reason behind this canceled event, but some conspiracy theories are saying that it could make room for the next Sims. Of course, every fan is thinking that this could be the perfect hint of the next Sims title. Besides this, it could also mean that the trailer will come soon as well.

The Sims 5 might come after the last patch for The Sims 4

Unfortunately for fans, the Maxis Monthly event was the thing that made fans to hope and find out all about new releases and future games or preview content. The Maxis Monthly event is also useful for the developers because they have the perfect occasion to tease new games, new features, updates, or game packs for the current Sims game.

Also, the confirmation about the canceling of the March event came from the Community Manager @SimGuruFrost. He said that the Maxis Monthly event wouldn’t happen this month. Besides this, he received the question about the next patch updates for The Sims 4, but he didn’t answer. From this silence, we can understand that the next patch update for the Sims 4 is stopping.

Finally, what we know from EA is that The Sims 5 will be the most prominent online multiplayer game, with a lot of features and cloud support. If the trailer for The Sims 5 will launch this year, then we could see the game next year.




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