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The Sims 5 Full Leaks and Rumors – Massive Hit When Released

However, we might be years away from the release of the game because The Sims 4 is still doing well sales-wise, and players love it.

Maxis and Electronic Arts are happy to see that gamers are continuously speculating, searching for, and speaking about Sims 5. There was no announcement about the game at E3, but that might be because there’s still plenty of juice in the Sims 4.

However, that is good for the Sims 5, though you might not see why right away. The thing is, Sims 4 gathers all the funding for the development of Sims 5. Therefore, if Sims 4 doesn’t do well in terms of sales and player support, there will be no Sims 5. Believe it or not, if you want Sims 5 to happen, play Sims 4 and purchase DLC!

Singleplayer and Multiplayer

Andrew Wilson, the CEO of Electronic Arts, spoke about the evolution of the Sims franchise over the years during an investor’s call.

He mentioned that “The Sims Online” was a new experience, and it was revolutionary back when the internet wasn’t aiming to support multiplayer gamers.

Years passed from the release of The Sims Online, games evolved, and now most of them have online capabilities in the form of multiplayer game modes. Some of them are massively based on multiplayer, like Fortnite and PUBG.

The CEO of EA said that the company would be happy to reintroduce a multiplayer game mode to the franchise. Even though Maxis is the game’s developer, the publishing company, Electronic Arts, still calls some shots during development.

The base Sims 5 game will be a mainly single-player experience. Still, a team of developers will work on introducing a multiplayer version that will allow gamers to work together to shape the game’s world to their liking.

Theoretically, the multiplayer mode will be somewhat like Minecraft and allow players to build and upgrade their communities while communicating with one another. That might also mean that we’ll see an introduction of a loot system similar to what we see on most multiplayer games of the present.

Unfortunately, we’ll most likely be introduced to waves of microtransactions since EA will have a say in this.

Rumor – Free Online Version

Some rumors suggest that Maxis is also working on a free online version of The Sims 5 to compete with popular free Battle Royale games.

One Twitter user even went as far as wondering if the rumors about The Sims 5 were actually about My Sims:

What if the rumors about @TheSims 5 was actually My Sims. ? 

Rumors about the supposedly free online version of the game started on a Reddit post where players were arguing if Maxis would follow the same road Call of Duty and other big franchises followed.

It wouldn’t be anything unexpected. EA’s Apex Legends managed to survive up to Season 4 and has Maxis as a developer.

Request – Port The Game To Nintendo Switch

One of the most common requests among gamers is to get a Sims game on a handheld console, namely the Nintendo Switch.

The chances are that a port might happen since Nintendo has little competition in the handheld department, considering that Sony’s PS Vita is no longer a threat.

The only competitors that could challenge the Switch are Google Stadia and Microsoft X Cloud, but it’s not yet known if they will focus on such unique titles like the Sims. Such games require a robust controller or mouse and keyboard support to be played efficiently and be entertaining.

Some say that such a port would be impossible at the moment because the upcoming Sims game will have high-demanding requirements that are hard to meet on portable platforms. However, if the Nintendo Switch Pro gets launched in 2021, the tables might turn in favor of the gaming community.

Rumor – Gameplay

The “Create a Sim” system, which is very popular in the world of the franchise, was upgraded continuously over the years. The latest update came with Sims 4 and introduced enhanced editing capabilities.

Rumors suggest that the feature could receive a new major update with The Sims 5. It’s normal to see developers aiming to progress and add more flexible customization choices.

Rumor – VR

Some fans of the franchise believe that the next Sims game will include a VR mode. However, there are debates in the community as some fans aren’t keen on the idea of playing Sims in VR. The reason why is that it would feel a bit ironic as it would feel like doing mundane chores on their feet.

Rumor – Next-Gen Consoles Port

The Xbox Series X and PS5 are arriving in late 2020, and we hope to see EA build a game that uses the improved hardware featured on next-gen systems.

Still, EA appears to like the formula of releasing Sims games as PC exclusives.

However, the next generation of consoles has some impressive details, namely instant loading, which would significantly improve the way Sims is played.

Therefore, some rumors say that, even if we get Sims 5 on next-gen consoles, it could happen in a matter of a few years from now.



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