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The Sims 5 Might Launch Sometime in 2022

Millions of video game fans would probably spend most part of this year hoping to hear good news about The Sims 5 release date. Still, a previous report from one of the developers may have actually hinted to 2022 as the earliest possible launch timeframe for the next installment in the popular series.

The Sims 5 Release Date

Fans have already voiced their requests and expectations about The Sims 5 release date. Many believed that 2019 would be the year in which the title would launch as it marked the five-year cycle of The Sims 4. If we were to take it historically, a new The Sims build has always been launched after four to five years since the latest title’s release.

Other players think that the next game will be confirmed to launch in 2020, considering the fact that the series celebrates its 20th anniversary this year. All these speculations are not completely unfounded, but a quick retrospect to what has been announced about The Sims 4’s content roadmap would hint to the fact that The Sims 5 is unlikely to launch in 2020 or even in 2021.

If EA plans have not suffered change, the next installment in the series might not be announced or launched until 2022. Back in 2018, during the release of the ‘Seasons’ extension pack for the fourth game, senior producer Grant Rodiek told Variety that the The Sims 4 developers were discussing to push out content for the next three years into the game.

If we were to consider this, it would mean that expansion packs and other content released for The Sims 4 would keep coming until 2021. It is, therefore, unlikely for the next game to launch when EA still has content under work for the current title.

Hence, the most possible and plausible launch window for The Sims 5 would be in 2022.

The Sims 5 Gameplay

In spite of the lack of updates on The Sims 5, there have been some hints that EA has already started planning for the next title in the series. In a financial report last year, the gaming studio’s CEO Andrew Wilson allegedly confirmed that the developers are considering reintroducing some online features in the next installment.

He did not mention ‘The Sims 5’ specifically, but one of the studio’s executives said: “Maxis continues to think about The Sims for a new generation across platforms in a cloud-enabled world, you should imagine that… this notion social interaction and competition, like the kind of things that were actually present in… ‘The Sims Online’ many, many years ago, that they will start to become part of the ongoing ‘Sims’ experience in the years to come.”

What would you like to see coming to The Sims 5?



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