The Sims 5 Rumors – It Might Not Launch Until Next Year

The Sims 4 is one of the most popular simulators released by Maxis and EA, attracting millions of people along all over the world. Millions of people bought the game and many of the several expansion and stuff packs that have been continuously released for the title. Fans are looking forward to The Sims 5, the next title in the series.

Some hope that Maxis has been hard at work on a new game in the series, which could come with a selection of new and old features that have been popular among former players. With more than 200 million copies sold at a franchise level it there is plenty of content that can be harnessed by the designers.

A few veterans were displeased when The Sims 4 was released in 2014 as a few core features among which we can count toddlers and pools weren’t available at launch. They were added at a later time via updates, but it was argued that such basic features should have been there from the start.

The Sims 5 – Platform Availability

With a new generation of consoles on the horizon, it is theorized that The Sims 5 game is under development. Still, Maxis has opted to keep it a secret until the PS5 and the Xbox Series X will be available on the market. Or, at least, that’s the rumors in this regard.

This may be a wise strategy since PS4 and Xbox One owners may assault the developer with requests related to a port for the older platforms if they learn that the game will be released. That can also mean that the game will have some steep requirements for PC owners since the consoles have been optimized to deliver a 4K experience.

Possible Release Date for The Sims 5

The eventual release remains a mystery for now, but, likely, it will not be released until 2021. However, it could come even later since new content is being made for The Sims 4, and more expansion packs will be released soon. With the recent coronavirus outbreak, The Sims 5 launch might be postponed even more.

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