The Space Industry Comprehend Increasing Effects of Coronavirus Outbreak

As the economic repercussions of the coronavirus breakdown increases globally, executives think the space industry won’t be safe from its effects. It might not be harmed as severely as other industries. The extent of the coronavirus outbreak, known as COVID-19, goes on to increase both in the US and other countries.

The WHO (World Health Organization) announced more than 109,000 cases globally. On March 9, for example, 3,809 death were reported. In the US, the CDCP announced 423 cases and 19 deaths. One of those tragic cases includes a NASA employee from the Ames Research Center in California.

Officials from Ames confirmed on late March 8 that an unknown employee has tested positive for coronavirus. As a consequence, the center was closed to all members, but significant personnel until additional report. Employees were expected to telework if such a thing is possible until the center retake regular duties.

Space Industry Affected by the Coronavirus Outbreak

NASA Administrator Jim Bridenstine announced on March 9 that the space agency would postpone three Earth science airborne science projects. Some of them would have comprised of Moffett Field, where Ames is established. NASA has not talked about any other journey or related limitations related to the coronavirus outbreak that affects so many countries around the world.

“As the coronavirus (COVID-19) situation evolves, we’ll continue to monitor and coordinate with federal, state, closely, and community officials to take any further appropriate steps to help safeguard the NASA family,” stated Bridenstine.

Another matter is that an economic downturn affected by the coronavirus outbreak could harm startup agencies in general, but not in special. Space, however, might still face the situations better than some other sectors of the economy. As Richard Branson, CEO of Virgin Galactic, stated: “We survived 9/11 and other financial crashes over the last 36 years…[…] maybe going to space is not such a bad idea.”

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