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The ‘Survivor Legacy’ Game Receives Facility Battle (GVG) and Needs Your Help to Save The World

Imagine a scenario when the Earth runs out of resources, and we all need to gather what we need from elsewhere. Therefore, the only solution is to dive deep into the depths of the Cosmos, and that’s where you come in handy. The ‘Survivor Legacy’ game allows you to do just that: saving the human race.

But not so fast, as the Universe always has a trick up its sleeve. While the protagonist of the game is halfway through the mission, he gets informed that the Earth is dealing with another scourge. The human race will be exterminated if you don’t act quickly, and you also have to build an entirely new civilization.

Facility Battle (GVG) becomes available

Survivor Legacy becomes even more interesting along with the arrival of the Facility Battle (GVG). The game receives plenty of love from the developers, who are always willing to make it better. We’re witnessing that once again, as the Facility Battle (GVG) mode of guild battle is now available for the players to enjoy. Another great news is that all guild members are allowed to participate in the new mode. This means there are new and strategic battles that can train your gaming skills even more.

The new mode brings 5 Facilities: Power Station, Military Base, University, Prison, and Ruins. Besides the new experience, hopping into one of these facilities will grant the player various rewards:

  • Daily Rewards: you can receive rewards every single day you play Survivor Legacy and while there is occupation going on.
  • Participation Rewards: if you often can be pleased with little in life, these rewards are for you! While you’re in the Facility Battle, you’ll get rewards for simply participating.

  • Occupy Bonus: while the occupation unfolds, all members will enjoy a buff.
  • Facility Rewards: obviously, all members of the guild receive rewards once the occupation turns out to be successful.

Don’t hesitate! Join the action and prove that you can save the world in Survivor Legacy!

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