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The #ThankYouGameFreak Hashtag Is Trending Worldwide, and with a Good Reason

Game Freak, the Pokemon developer, has been through a lot lately. The studio had to deal with a lot of criticism online from players who were angry with some aspects of the Pokemon Sword and Shield, with the recent leaks that made the issue even worse.

Now, there’s the “ThankYouGameFreak” hashtag that’s trending worldwide on Twitter. People are using it in order to send positive thoughts to the Japanese studio.

This week, the Pokemon Company has canceled the Japanese launch event for the game Pokemon Sword and Shield, which was supposed to take place in Tokyo next week. Shigeru Ohmori and Junichi Masuda, who are the series’ lead producer and the game director, were both supposed to be at the event. The Pokemon Company has made an official statement in which they apologized for the cancellation of the event due to “operational reasons.”

The hashtag is trending worldwide on Twitter

Chris Tapsell has spoken with Masuda and Ohmori last month about the pressure on their shoulders to please the fans. The discussion about Sword and Shield has been mostly about the fact that it does not include the National Dex – every pokemon that was ever made. This happens for the very first time.

There are so many leaks online, and fans are not pleased with them. we are talking about the creatures that will appear and those that won’t be present. Fans called it “Dexit.” The developers stated that they were not sure that their decisions were the best ones. But it’s essential to take into account the criticism. It’s what helps you improve. After all, – feedback is crucial for developers. There were a lot of discussions about the direction the game should go to, and they only want to offer the players the best experience ever.




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