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The Third Age Strategy Game from R2Games Gets Multi-language Support

Multi-language support has been enabled for The Third Age, and now the game can be played in German and French.

R2Games has recently announced that their title The Third Age gets multi-language support. Now the strategy game can also be played in German and French. However, this isn’t the only great news we have from the publisher.

The Third Age will also bring some new events that come with in-game rewards to celebrate the new feature.

Although it has been roughly a year since The Third Age was launched, its great storyline and gameplay have made this browser game very popular.

The Third Age offers a story-driven experience, and if you like PvE content, this is the game you should be looking for. There are some PvP elements as well if you want to mix it up.

R2Games has offered multi-language support for other games as well. For instance, FireStone, Khan Wars, and Vampire Empire have just been updated with multi-language support. More games will get the same treatment so that all the players around the world can enjoy games in the language they prefer to use.

If you have never played The Third Age, here are some details about it.

The Third Age, a Strategy Game Where Legendary Heroes Fight By Your Side

R2Games’ The Third Age is a story-driven strategy game that combines different lore for players to discover. The mysterious world is waiting for you to explore it. For that, you will need heroes by your side, but fear not! There are plenty of legendary heroes that will fight by your side.

Players will have to build a castle and rule over their people. There are so many things to do in the game that you will not even notice you have been playing for hours!

Head over to this link to play The Third Age:

For more details, news and guides, check out The Third Age official website:

Catch up with other lords and find new friends or just stay updated with the latest news and events on The Third Age Facebook fan page:

You can also check out R2Games if you are interested in playing other games like Wartune, League of Angels, and Dragon Pals, which are playable in six languages.

V7.7.0 Update Content

Open time:
1.Event cycle opening: the first opening is on May 11th, open for three days, closed for 4 days. (When P3 is open, it is also open normally)
2. Refresh the camp every x hours during the opening hours. (If the camp is fighting when it happens to be refreshed, it will not be refreshed this time, wait until the next time to refresh)
Camp generation:
The rebel camp will only show up around the capital(Excluding the protected capital), and every additional 25% increase in map occupation will generate an additional rebel camp.
View the information about the rebel camp:
Click the bell button next to the troop list to enter the interface, view the rebel camp tab, you can view the current camp level, status (in combat, rally and idle), camp name, remaining rally time, the number of troops. Click to jump to the specific location of the rebel camp.
Assembly & Fight:
1. Click the “enter” button of the camp to open the assembly interface, and use the camp as the assembly target to initiate assembly (the camp that belongs to the capital in the war state can also be set as the assembly target)
2. The first person to initiate assembly is the captain by default. Each player can  only serve as a leader of a rebel camp, but can participate in multiple rebel camps at the same time.
3. Initiate or join the assembly to consume mobility, and exit or disband will return the mobility
4.The upper limit of the assembled troops is related to the leader’s main city level.
5.After the assembly is established, the assembly countdown starts, and queues in the capital can join during the countdown.
6. The captain has the right to kick out the players, and the kicked players will receive the notification message.
7. After the countdown is over, march to the camp automatically. If the number of assembled queues is less than 2, the assembled team is automatically disbanded and an email is sent to notify the player.
8.If the assembled troops do not defeat the rebels, the rebels will be completely restored, and no mobility will be returned.
1. After defeating the rebels, the corresponding level of rewards will be distributed according to the killing proportion.
2. The killing of enemies in the camp does not count the merits and does not participate in solo event. solo event 2, hell event, and all killing event.

Event Rules:
1. During the event, you can obtain the event items for “Bright eye deft hand”by training, harvesting resources on Fief, defeating monsters, gathering estate;
2. Consumption of “Bright eye deft hand” can be used for Bright eye deft hand Puzzles, each time you complete the puzzle successfully, you will get 1 reward;
3. The ranking shows top 10 fastest completion records, and the corresponding ranking reward will be issued by email after the event;
4. The ranking is update every hour during the event.
5. After the event, unused “Bright eye deft hand”chip will be automatically removed by the system, please use it as soon as possible during the event.

New SS hero: Medusa

Optimize P3 related

Optimize P3 related

1. New mail, players will receive this mail after entering P3
Email title: Description of Paragon Clash Rewards
Email content:Dear player, the Paragon Clash rewards will be released via email after 22:00 today.<br/>If your Paragon Clash journey ends early and returns to the fourth age, it may cause your cross service merit ranking is not the final ranking because other Paragon Clash servers have not yet completely completed. <br/>The final reward is based on the list at the end! In addition, after the Paragon Clash is completely over, you can check the last list of the final all service merit ranking list in the related warm-up interface.

2. Add the last ranking button
The last ranking button is added to the clash warmup interface. After the paragon clash is completely over, players can click to query the final list of the full server merits of the previous paragon clash.
The data of the next paragon clash will cover the data of the previous one.

Modify the Recruitment Fort

1. The original function of the recruitment fort was modified to increase Maximum quantity of troops of all heroes, and the progress bar of the soldier upper limit on the right side of the recruitment fort interface was replaced with the increased quantity of troops of all heroes.
2. The total quantity of troops no longer shows the upper limit

Modify the calculation formula of battle power

  1. Modify the calculation formulas of “Single Hero Battle Power (Hero Interface)”, “Single Hero Battle Power (With Soldier)”, and “Total Battle Power”
    2. Recalculate the Battle Power in Players and Guilds in the ranking list, and Sort by total battle power from high to low.
    3. The following interface adds the display of Battle Power:
    (1) Technology
    (2) Construction
    (3) Equipment enhancement and star master
    (4) Lover
    (5) Crest tips
    (6) Ascend tips
    (7) Mount
    (8) Upgrade Mount and Ascend Mount
    (9) Military rank
    (10) Soldier information

Modify Novice plot related function

Modify existing functions:
Initial shot
1. The initial lens shows the green forces, replacing the original blue forces
2. New players default to green forces, replacing the original blue forces

Special treatment of the city menu
1. Special treatment for Karenqua Camp and Fort Sagehelm.
2. Remove the options such as sending city names and leaderboards, and only keep siege.
3. Once the siege is initiated, the siege is changed to watch the battle.

New function:
1. Interface show / hide
2. Interface mouse event enable/disable
3. Special effect when switching screen.



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