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The Upcoming Apple Bundle: Which Services Will Be Available to the Fans in One Subscription Package?

Apple Music, Apple TV+, and many more other titles will be one click away. Recent leaks have shown that Apple is planning on providing all of these services within one subscription. As posted by 9to5Mac, the manufacturer is currently working on this upgrade, as shown by the beta version of iOS 13.5.5.

The “Apple bundle” rumors have been under the spotlight for quite some time now. One year ago, the officials were reported to negotiate with different music producers and various other publishers to create a more user-friendly experience for the iOS users.

It is reported that, if the subscription had been released today, a family would use such a service that includes Apple Music, Apple TV+, and News+ for an approximate price of 30$ for each month. This bundle would be the perfect opportunity for the company to keep its users loyal to their subscriptions.

The latest iOS 13.5.5 beta version comes with a bundle subscription that has never been part of Apple’s latest releases. Rumors are suggesting that the company will probably reveal a pricing strategy with several discount combos with the services.

No official release date has been revealed yet. Even though the company is getting closer and closer to making this update available, given the fact that a final version has already been given for the test, it is still uncertain when the large public will be able to access it.

Financial Times has reported that the company is not currently thinking about linking its Apple Music application to any other services powered by the giant Cupertino. However, there is little hope that anything will change in the upcoming future. All is known for sure is that the company is considering this marketing decision.

Now the question is, would you pay for such a subscription?



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