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The Xbox Series S Looks Better Than Expected!

Microsoft amazed the community when they revealed the Xbox Series S along with its affordable price.

Unfortunately, the company hasn’t yet announced the price of the Xbox Series X. Still, many believe that the company will be publishing more details in an event planned for the current month were we were also expecting to be introduced to the Xbox Series S Digital Edition.

A Bold Decision

An overnight leak made Microsoft decide to speed up the process and present the digital-only system and its pricing.

Here is the video:

The new system looks extremely tempting, especially when you look at the $299 price tag!

This is Microsoft’s official annoucement post:

The community has mixed feelings about the upcoming system. Many like the console design, some say that it looks a bit like a washing machine (though that’s not necessarily bad), and others feel like Microsoft could have done better for the circular area where the cooling grille is placed.

A general opinion of the community was that Microsoft should integrate a discrete Xbox Logo into it, like so:

Do you like the new design? Do you think that Microsoft could have done better?



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