There Are Smaller Black Holes in the Universe; We Can Now Find out Even More About Space

Scientists stated that the light black holes that they found are crucial for getting new info about the stars. There’s a new class of black holes which may have been found in space, and we need to get all the info we can.

This new class is composed of small black holes, smaller than those which are placed around the universe, and they can help us better understand details about the stars.

In case you don’t know, a black hole is an area in space, in which gravity is so strong that light simply cannot escape. They get created when a star dies, or when it shrinks into itself and then explodes.

Astronomers are able to find them by using adapted space telescopes in order to study star activity. However, stars that are nearby black holes are also different in behavior. Up until recently, people believed that black holes had between 5 and 15 times the mass of the sun. However, Ohio State University‘s professor Todd Thompson stated that scientists found a huge red star, which seemed to orbit something way smaller to be a black hole in Milky Way.

After they have taken a look at the data from the Gaia satellite, and many other sources, they found out that there was a black hole, which weighted 3.3 times the mass of the sun, which is lighter than others. This changed everything we knew so far about black holes.

If they really did find a new kind of black holes, we can find out more about the stars that explode, which then form the black holes, which then form neutron stars. The mass is telling us more about both their formation and evolution, and they also say a lot about their nature.

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