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There’s a New Enemy in the Neighborhood, and Apple and Samsung Might Be Threatened

It seems that there’s a new neighbor, and Samsung and Apple might need to be careful.  A rival smartphone company has announced the arrival of a breakthrough in terms of the camera.

Xiaomi is ready to show its new under-screen camera. They have a new version of the most popular Mi 10 Ultra smartphone, and it comes with an invisible under-screen selfie camera. It has been said that the phone will be ready to release next year.

There’s a video on YouTube which shows the unreleased phone and the current model, that comes with a punch-hole style camera placed at the top left of the screen.

When it comes to getting an under-screen camera, there are two challenges: maintaining the quality of the camera and display. There’s also no punch-hole anymore, and there’s little difference between these two displays – color temperature and brightness.

Can we know the quality of the new camera? The selfie looks fine, but there is no clear comparison yet. The results look very good, and we cannot wait to see how it does on the market.

Xiaomi owns about 10% of the global smartphone market share. Mi 10 Ultra holds the No.1 spot on the Dxomark’s camera rankings so far.

Besides all of this, there’s also ZTE, which has already announced the fact that they’re going to launch the world’s first smartphone with an under-screen camera. All of these advances are planned, and Samsung also wants to reveal its own under-screen camera. Apple is still deploying a large “notch” in its latest iPhone.

As of now, we are waiting to hear more about this.



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