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These Are the Best Features Coming to Amazon Echo and Alexa

If you’re looking forward to seeing what Amazon Echo and Alexa have prepared for you, then you came to the right place. Amazon is currently working on creating a better experience for its users. The company has announced 31 new developer features, which will give you a better experience with Alexa.

These new tools are designed to help you better interact with Alexa and all of your smart home devices. The features are now available to developers in beta. Here are the best features we are all looking for to try on Amazon Echo and Alexa.

The conversations with Alexa are now better with Alexa Conversations

Alexa Conversations is currently in beta for developers, and it will actually help you to better interact with Alexa by making it more conversational. Developers will have the ability to add dialog and the commands you’re giving the device. For example, if you’d like to vacuum, Alexa will ask you if the robot has to avoid certain rooms.

Speaking of conversations…

The multimodal function of Alexa allows you to see an upgrade in how you interact with the assistants on your Fire TV or Echo Show screens. They will add new gestures to the device, like single-finger drag, swipe to delete, and long-press gestures. There will also be new editable text boxes, in which you will be able to respond by tv remote or by touch.

You will also have the option to see a linear or circular progress bar, so you will see the activity in progress.

Amazon has also added some other features for its Echo and Alexa devices. Did you know that you can go hands-free in the Alexa app?




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