These Are the Best Minecraft Seeds You Can Try

Minecraft is excellent in many ways, but mostly because you can customize it as you wish. You can craft an entire village, or you can go to a completely random world and start building as you see fit. You might want to find a specific seed that suits you. The individual Minecraft worlds are called seeds. Each and every seed creates a new world with unique setups, which can help the player look for a specific world layout. In order to get access to these worlds, you need to create a new one and insert the number of the seed. We are here to tell you which are the best seeds you can find in Minecraft Pocket Edition.

Triple Village: seed 1388582293

This seed leaves you near three villages. It’s a savannah biome, in which you will find multiple blacksmiths, buildings, and farms, which are your own. You also get mountains, rivers, and deserts, which allow for additional structure.

Giant Mesa Spikes: Seed 742382451

This one will leave you near a giant mesa, which will come with its own unique set up of blocks. We know it is not healthy, but the area is filled with mesa spikes.

Mesa with Mine Shafts: seed 2431673

This one is a place where you’ll find mine shafts and resources. If you love spending your time underground, and then get rewards quickly, then this seed was made for you.

Hidden Stronghold: seed 66898262

When you get into this world, you may think you have gotten into a traditional village. Well, you are wrong. The conventional farms and the buildings usually represent the most villages out there, but once you get to know it, you will see that there is a hidden castle with an end portal on a hidden area.

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