These Are the Best Skins for Minecraft in 2020 

We all know how important skins are, especially when it comes to customizable characters. They give the game a better visual experience. They are varied and very nice, and Minecraft is no exception. Many players want to get as many skins as they can. Some are downloadable. There are new designs made continuously for the community.

These are the best skins for Minecraft in 2020


Everyone knows how cute Groot is. Everyone like Groot and the character from the Guardians of Galaxy series is available as a skin on this game. And even if Groot cannot actually speak, he has managed to win the hearts fan in the series from Marvel. The Groot skin is actually one of the most common ones which can be found right now.


The E-Girl Minecraft skin came in, and it is as weird as it gets. But it’s also one of the most popular skins that players use right now. It gives the character an edgy personality and an E-Girl persona, which has undoubtedly found popularity and knows how to deal with it. The character wears colored hair streaks, ripped jeans, and boots, and this is just another common skin that everyone uses in the Minecraft world right now.

Buzz Lightyear

This incredible skin is based on one of the most loved characters in the movie history, called Buzz Lightyear from the Toy Story trilogy from Disney.

We all know the white and green spacesuit with the purple headband. This skin has gained a lot of popularity over the past year. No wonder why everyone wants it so bad, it’s Buzz Lightyear.

Donald Trump

We’re honestly merely wondering why people want a skin with Donald Trump, but we’re not gonna talk about how fair that is. We know that it is funny, and we know that Minecraft has added what’s happening in the world on the game for quite a while now. The skin exactly quite right and it has gained a lot of popularity in the recent months.

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