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These Are the Most Google Play Store Errors, and We Also Have Their Solutions

Google Play sometimes crashes, and you don’t really know why. We have written this article to help you. These are the causes of why Google Play has problems working.

Before you start troubleshooting these errors, look on the internet to see if other people have the same problem. Perhaps they have an answer to it. If the issue comes from the Google Play Services, then it will solve on its own in a short time.

When you get an error code, you also get what happened. We have created a list of all the most common error codes you can get on Google Play, and what they mean.

Error 919, 101, 923, and 921

You don’t have enough storage space. You will need to delete some apps in order to make more room. You might also want to move some of your pictures or videos to the cloud storage.

Error 944

Google’s servers have some connectivity problems – this one will fix on its own.

Error 927

This one takes place when you are downloading an app while the Google Play app is updating. You will need to wait for the app to finish its update, and you will need to try to download the app again.

Error 481

Your account has been shut down because of an error. You will need to delete it and then create a new one.

Error 505

There are similar apps that are trying to get access to the same permissions. This one often appears with older versions of Android. You can clear the cache from the settings of the app and install the newest Android update.

Error 491

You cannot download or update anything because there is a technical issue. Try to remove your Google account from your device, then add it again.

Error 103

Your device is not compatible with an app. If you get this error a lot, try to update to the latest version of Android and Google Play.

Error 911

There’s a problem with your Wi-Fi connection. Or there’s a problem with your data, so clear your data cache. If you’re using a hotspot, log in again.

Error 403

This one takes place when you’re using different Google accounts to download an app on a single device. You need to sign in to one account and delete the app before you download it with the other account. Also, clear the Play Store search history. In order to do so, go to Play Store Settings, to Clear search history.

Error DF-DLA-15

This one has to do with the app updates. Clear the Play Store app cache, and you will solve the problem.

Error F-BPA-09

This one has to do with Google problems. Clear the Play Store app cache. In order to do so, go to Settings, to Apps, to All, to Google services framework.




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