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This Is How to Get Free Robux: It’s Really Not What You’re Expecting

Robux is that social network on which players can select the type of game that they want. The graphics of Robux are quite similar to those of Minecraft. Many people want Robux, and many people started to believe the fake ways to get it – they are everywhere on the internet. You can read about them in social media posts, on blogs, coming from people who seem okay to be trusted. Do not download any program that promises you free Robux because they probably are Trojans or spyware, or other people trying to steal your data, and we honestly do not need those on our PCs or on our lives.

We have written this article to tell you how to actually get the Free Robux. No danger whatsoever.

The first method: find an app that can offer it to you

Do you know how sometimes we get free gift cards from Amazon or Google Play? Well, there are so many sites that do this. Some of these sites offer you free Robux, as well. You can try to complete surveys or watch videos. It is an advantage if you are from the US, the UK, or from Germany because you will probably get your Robux in no time.

PointsPrizes will also come in handy if you complete the offers that this app provides. If you are from the three nations mentioned above, then you are again in luck. All you have to do is share your referral link on your social media pages, and ask your friends to join PointsPrizes by using your referral link. If you do it, you can generate 10% of the commission from your friend’s earnings.  This app is available for iOS, Android and there is also a Web app.

The second method: it helps a lot if you have your own game

We know it is a lot of ask. You do not need Robux for this, but you do need Builders Club. You also need to involve your artistic part and also know a bit about programming. The creators of one of the best games out there earn a lot of Robux for their success. You are probably asking yourself how they are doing it. Let us take a clear example: they sell VIP upgrades for your character on the game.

You can create your own game. We know it takes a lot of time, but you can do it. Just keep in mind that you need to publish it in the Builders Club.

The third method: collectibles and exchanges

You can always buy Robux and spend them on limited items and collectibles. For this one, you will need the Builders Club and minimum 200 Robux. In the list of limited products, there are hairstyles, faces, hats, weapons and pretty much anything that you decorate your character with.



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