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This Is the App That Scares Mark Zuckerberg the Most

WhatsApp has bought secure messaging for the public, and that was a significant step. It’s mostly why it’s the most popular messaging app out there now. Even if lawmakers want to put a stop to end-t0-end encryption, which ensures that messages are only available for the sender and the recipient, there’s a competition going since WhatsApp’s USPs are replicated.

It’s not a surprise for us. The platform has become even more integrated into our lives and phones  – they added payment and commercial options, so we can see how important they are for the companies behind them.

Google wants to bring for its users the Rich Communication Services (RCS). According to some sources, it wouldn’t only have advanced commercial and media capabilities, but also end-t0-end encryption. However, Apple’s users will get this alternative if they want to stop using WhatsApp.

The best alternative for iPhone users is Signal. It is similar to the functionality of WhatsApp, and its multi-device access is fantastic. Signal is very secure, so no worries there, either.

Signal users can now move the account and the message history to their new iPhone, and it’s a life-saver. This feature is quite essential, especially since we change our phones often. Signal is fully cross-platform, working on both iOS and Android. The problem has always been the limited number of your contacts in the app.

Did you know that one of WhatsApp founders, Brian Acton, has helped Signal get bigger?  The platform is straightforward to use, and you can clearly see that they are taking care of your data. And for some, it might be better that it’s not operated by Facebook. Speaking of which, Mark Zuckerberg stated that their biggest competitor is iMessage, especially where the iPhone is very popular: “Apple bundles iMessage as a default texting app, and it’s still ahead.”



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