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This Is Why PS5 Will Be the Best Thing Ever on the Market

Backward compatibility is really something that we are all looking for in the upcoming PlayStation 5 console, and it is something that Sony addressed some times in the past year. However, we got no specs from the company. It might be easier for users to play the titles that they already own if they want to upgrade from the PS4 to the PS5. Fortunately, Sony has previously announced and confirmed that they are planning to make this transition as soon as possible.

Rumors are everywhere on the internet, and it seems that they did not avoid Sony, either. The leak suggested a release date, a price and a date for the PlayStation 5 launch event. We also got some interesting info about the PS5’s backward compatibility features. They might be even better than we thought.

This backward compatibility will be a massive deal for PS5. It would be easier for users to transfer their PS4 games to the PS5 if the games are already downloaded. Also, the saved data and all the backups for the PS4 games will also be transferable, which is neat.

Apparently, all the other platforms, from PS1 to PS4 will be compatible with PS5, which makes it the “ultimate PlayStation console” when it comes to both past and present gaming. We heard that we’re getting more details later, at the E3 event.

Besides playing the old PlayStation games, this console will also come with support for the existing PS4 accessories, such as DualShock 4 controllers, PSVR, and many other devices. This is exactly what will convince PS4 owners to upgrade to PS5. All these compatible DualShock controllers will come in handy, especially if the users enjoy playing with friends.



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