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This Is Why You Need to Get This WhatsApp Update as Soon as Possible

WhatsApp is the most popular and secure messaging app out there. This app has end-to-end encryption, and it’s very easy to use. This is why it is number one when it comes to messaging apps. And this has been going on for more than ten years.

The latest update from WhatsApp will make its 2 billion users have even safer conversations while adding some amazing features, as well. However, we have learned that there is a huge security gap, so your data might not be as secure as you thought it is – at least until the update. The changes are still in beta, but they will make their appearance soon.

The first change is essential. iPhone users rely on Chat Backup in order to store their message history and media on iCloud. But when an iPhone is lost, the full chat history and the media can be restored. It seems that the media and the chat history in the iCloud are not protected with end-to-end encryption. This actually means that your data can be accessed by others, and it does not have the same level of security as it does from the app itself. Most people don’t know this.

According to some sources, the current iOS beta “enables the encryption of chat histories hosted on iCloud, including media—just check WhatsApp Settings.”Everyone should get this update. The option to store a WhatsApp backup is quite tricky, especially when it comes to hackers. But without a backup,  the loss of your data or account is such a nightmare – we have all been there once or twice.

This entire thing is a major deal. When the chats are backed-up from the device, they are decrypted. So any security that’s applied to the cloud backup is not included in the WhatsApp wrapper. But they are working on making it better.





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