This New Google Maps Update Makes It Easier for Us to Live Through COVID-19

More and more people start to realize every day how dangerous the situation with COVID-19 is, and most people carefully consider to stay in and go out only when necessary. It is imperative to stress the fact that we all need to stay inside and prevent the virus from catching us. This is not only about us, but about our family and friends and fellow citizens, as well. We need to understand how important it is to go out perhaps once a week, to shop for groceries, or to get other things required for the house. Right now, it is not the time to play games, and it is time to stay inside and stay healthy.

How Google Maps is bound to make our lives easier

Google Maps update the app in order to keep its users up to date on any change with the businesses affected by the virus.

Business owners will be able to update their Google’s My Business profile in order to change their hours, update their description, and extra serviced delays or precautions when it comes to their businesses.

We need to make the most out of Google’s My Business feature

Stores and restaurants can come with a phone number available for people if they have multiple locations, as per Google’s My Business support page: “We may review your changes for quality before publishing them, so the changes may not immediately be available on Google Search and Maps.”

The app comes with many amazing features, like Posts, where all business owners can share insight and updates about what is happening with their businesses.  They can directly talk with their customers if the business changes.



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