Three Best AirPods Alternatives

AirPods are necessary if you own an iPhone and are more interested in ease of use than sound quality. As the wireless market develops, there are numerous great AirPods alternatives you should definitely give a shot.

The availability of those substitutes means that you don’t need to purchase an Apple product in order to have an immersive listening experience. If you are fascinated with Apple’s wireless earbuds but want better sound quality, we’ve got the best three AirPods alternatives.

The Samsung Galaxy Buds

The Samsung Galaxy Buds are the perfect addition to the Samsung Galaxy S10 series of smartphones. Even though the earbuds do not have support for aptX, they do offer AAC and the expandable Samsung codec.

The Samsung codec functions incredibly smoothly and perfectly with the Samsung S10e, balancing bitrate and connectivity. Moreover, the earbuds work via Bluetooth 5.0 and keep a dependable connection within the 10-meter range. The items also support Google Assistant, which is a fantastic functionality.

Even though the Samsung Galaxy Buds are only IPX2-registered, they can withstand more pressure with no problem. Hands down the greatest feature of the Galaxy Buds is the impressive battery life as they allow for 6.53 hours of constant streaming after a full charge. Moreover, when the battery does run out, with just 15 minutes left in the case, they can offer an extra 1.7 hours of listening.

The Sony WF-1000XM3

The second best AirPods alternative is Sony‘s WF-1000XM3 earbuds. The Japanese tech giant’s efforts with noise-canceling technology are demonstrated by these items. The earbuds are amazing for features but did not register for water and dust resistance. They have, however, an impressive noise-canceling system, and the sound quality is good.

The only disappointing thing is that they do not support LDAC or aptX, but their inclusion of SBC and AAC codecs is excellent.

Battery life is decent, of about 5 hours of listening time, but they are still much better at this category than the AirPods.

The Beats Powerbeats Pro

By far, the best battery life is demonstrated by Beats Powerbeats Pro, with 10 hours of constant playback on both iOS and Android. However, they are not so great in noisy environments, as the isolation is not that great.

The Beats Powerbeats Pro has an IPX4 certification, which makes them sweat and water-resistant, something that AirPods cannot brag about.

Thanks to the incorporated H1 chip, you get a lot of extra functionalities. They also have a great pairing, top-level connection, and more. The Beats Powerbeats Pro are great, at least when compared to other Beats headphones.

Even though they still come with that consumer-friendly bumps on the lows that are not unbearable at all. The microphone quality is also great, and it has a feature that used the accelerometers in the items that know when your jaw is moving and when you are talking.

When the system perceives that you’re not talking, it will disable the microphone while you are on a call, making it easier by shutting down any unwanted background noise during the conversation.

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