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Three Ways to Recover Deleted Files on Android Devices

Owning a smartphone that runs Android has numerous advantages. The operating system ​is a complete work and gaming platform that offers a large collection of apps. Devices powered by Android allow users to perform a lot of tasks, such as communicate and capture images.

Still, smartphones are prone to develop issues that cause them to malfunction, like software problems or a virus. There’s also the possibility you’ve deleted files by accident, but that’s why you should always back up your data.

How to Recover Deleted Files on Android

If that is the case, there are a few techniques that help you recover deleted files on Android.

Check the Cloud Service App

There are numerous cloud apps on the market today, which store all your data and files. You can access them not just from your smartphone, but from any computer also, and the great thing is that most companies that provide could storage services automatically back up the files they find on a device.

So, rather than doing it manually, enable the automatic back up option. This can help a lot, more so when it comes to photos. If you accidentally deleted files on your device, head to the cloud app and check if they are still there.​ You can then download the files from there if you want to have them locally.

Use an Android app

A way to recover deleted files is by utilizing an Android app that helps you do so. One of the best is DiskDigger, which offers two modes of locating deleted files, namely through a basic or full scan.

The basic scan enables you to recover files even if your device is not rooted, and the full scan option enables you to find the missing files only of your phone is rooted. Because the last option is for rooted devices, it gives you the possibility to choose which storage or partition you want to scan.

You have to select the type of files you are looking for, and once the scanning process completes, you need to select the files you want back and confirm the recovery with the ‘Recover’ button. Then, you can save the files on your device.

Use EaseUS MobiSaver on Your PC

Another way to get back deleted files is by using a program on your computer. A great app to use is EaseUS MobiSaver​, which has a great algorithm that enables it to scan your device’s storage memory in order to identify the type of data you may have deleted.

To run the recovery process, connect your Android phone to the computer and launch the program. The app will automatically start scanning your phone. This process might take a while, depending on your device’s storage and processing capacity. Finally, the program will analyze the recently deleted files and then arrange them so you can choose the ones you want back.

However, keep in mind that, in order to get the best results you can get, you have to purchase EaseUS MobiSaver​.



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