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TikTok 16.5.4 Version: New Improvements Are Coming Our Way

We have all heard of TikTok. It’s that video community that has music in its center. You can dance, do freestyle, or perform, either way, you are asked to use your creativity and express yourself through the app. The app has been designed for global creators, and it allows its users to create unique and very short videos, which they can share with friends and the entire community. TikTok is quite a phenomenon.  

What are some of its features? 

It comes with facial recognition 

The amazing facial feature is able to recognize all of your cute, goofy, silly faces at all times. The advanced technology also makes it safe for you to use the app. 

The quality is at its best 

The app loads instantly, the interface is smooth, and it does not lag. At all. Do you know how hard it is to find an app that does not lag whatsoever? And the details are shown to you in perfect quality. So no need to worry, your videos will look flawless. 

All you need is your phone 

The app prepares for you special effects, rhythm synchronization, and advanced technology. And all you need is your phone. 

The music library is amazing 

It comes with fresh editor’s pick daily. Have even more fun while using the app, creating videos. 

Gaga Dance is now on 

Start a Gaga Dance competition with your friends and see how many points you can dance.

So what is new in the 16.5.4 version? 

With the 16.5.4 version of the app, we’re getting performance improvements, which will make your viewing experience even better than before. 



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