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TikTok – 16.6.22 Beta Version Comes With These Amazing Features

TikTok is the best app for entertainment when it comes to mobile videos. All of these short videos are great, spontaneous, and creative. It doesn’t matter if you’re a pet enthusiast, you’re looking for something to laugh about – there’s everything for everyone on the app. You can skip what you don’t like and find a lot of videos that you do like. TikTok has everything you need on the app, and it will surely make your day better. 

It’s easy to discover or create your own videos. The tools are straightforward to use. Make the most out of special effects, filters, and music. 

Watch videos customized specifically for you

You will get a personalized video feed, which is based on what you watch, what you like, and what you share. You will get the best videos, and be sure you’ll like them.  

Explore the videos 

You will be free to watch all types of videos – gaming, comedy, food, DIY, memes, pets, sports, there’s really anything for anyone. 

You can pause recording – multiple times

You will be able to pause and resume your video with just a tap in one video. You can shoot as many times as you need. 

Inspire others 

There are millions of creators on the app, showing their amazing skills. Be one of them. 

Add your favorite music 

You can edit your videos quickly with free music clips and sounds. There are many sound playlists made for you, including music for every genre, like Pop, Rock, Hip Hop, Country – there’s everything for you.  

So what is new in the 16.6.22 beta version? 

The team came with new security settings and performance improvements, which will make the app better for you. 




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