TikTok 16.6.3 Version: The App Is Even Better Now

TikTok is that fantastic video community that unites in music. People dance, free-style, or perform. Everyone is encouraged to let their creativity flow and run wild and be free to do whatever they want with their performances. TikTok allows its users to create original and short videos, which they can share with their friends, family, and the entire world. It’s a success. Everyone wants to become a star, and with TikTok, that’s possible.

It comes with facial recognition

The fast image capture and the fantastic facial feature matching will recognize all of your faces, be them cute, silly, goody, or thrilling expressions.

It comes with great quality

The app will load instantly, it does not lag, and it has a smooth interface. Every detail is perfect, and the perfect quality will not bother your eyes.

It is the perfect app

The app is just perfect, especially since it is the best combination of artificial intelligence and image capturing. With TikTok, it’s all about rhythm synchronization, special effects, and advanced technology.
Your phone will be the best bud and your creative studio.

It comes with an amazing music library

The music library comes with fresh editor’s pick daily. Find your full potential with the music and the app.

Want to make the most out of Gaga Dance?

Gaga Dance has just launched. Start a competition right now with your friends! See how many points you can dance.

So what is new in the 16.6.3 version?

Everyone is talking about TikTok. It is not possible that your friends don’t know about this app. The latest version comes with performance improvements, so be sure that your experience will be better with the new version.


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