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TikTok: 5 Efficient Tips and Tricks to Use

TikTok, the controversial app that ended up getting banned in some regions of the world, is currently one of the most popular and enjoyed platforms out there. So, if you’re using it but would like to know more about it, especially how to do certain stuff on it or explore features you never knew the platform had, this post lists a few TikTok tips you can use like a pro.

5 Efficient Tips to Use on TikTok

Clear the Cache

One of the best ways to keep the app running with no issues is to clear the cache often. If you haven’t deleted the app cache for some time, chances are the platform may already be messy and struggling to load your videos.

To clear your TikTok​ cache, simply launch the app and head to the profile section by tapping on the profile icon. Go to ‘More’ and tap on the ‘Clear Cache’ option.

Share Your Profile Via a Link

Although there are lots of ways to share your TikTok​ profile, using a link is easier, and it also allows you to share your profile via any medium, even the ones not integrated with the app.

To proceed with this tip, launch TikTok​, head to your profile page, and tap on the ‘More’ button at the top right corner. You’ll see the ‘Share Profile’ option on the next page; choose ‘Copy Link’ and share the link through whatever medium you prefer.

Save TikTok Codes on Your Smartphone

TikTok​ codes allow you to connect with friends, brands, or users in an easy manner; you can save this code on your mobile device to share it with other people. To save it on your smartphone, open TikTok​ and go to your profile page. Tap on the ‘More,’ then on ‘TikCode,’ and finally on ‘Save to Device.’

Download Your TikTok Data

In case you live in a region where the app is banned or just want to delete your account, it is possible to get the entire dataset you put on TikTok​, such as your profile, activity, and app settings.

The process is rather easy and direct and can be carried out from the mobile app. Simply launch TikTok​, head to the profile page, and then to ‘More’ and tap on ‘Privacy and Security.’ find the ‘Personalization and Data’ option and tap on ‘Download your Data,’ and then on ‘Request Data.’

Note that it may take a few days or even up to a month for TikTok​ to process your request.

Connect TikTok to Apple Music

If you use an Apple device and would like to have a massive music library, connecting TikTok​ to Apple Music would fulfill your wish. As soon as the video-sharing app is connected to the Apple service, you’ll be able to access an extensive music collection from within the application while you create your content.

To link the apps, open TikTok​ on your iOS device and go to your profile page. Tap on the ‘More’ button, head to ‘Accessibility,’ and select the ‘Connect to Apple Music’ option.

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