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TikTok: How to Grow Your Audience and Gain More Followers

Many people aim to become famous on TikTok, but only a few manage to step over the barrier required to do so. Achieving growth on any social media can be difficult, mainly because there are so many other people looking to do the same.  

In this post, we will be going over some of the top tips you can use to effectively grow your following on the platform.  

Choose A Niche  

The most important thing when trying to grow on any social media platform is to choose a niche. It is extremely important to pick the one you will be in throughout the process of building your brand. If you have a hard time figuring out which niche you should choose, simply think about things that you’re interested in, unusual talents you might have that you want to show to the world, or find something that fits your personality.  

Think About When You Post   

It isn’t always about what you post, but also when you do it. Posting all of your highest quality content during the hours when the platform has the most users increases your ability to have more views by a wide margin. Besides this, you might want to try sharing content at least two times per day. This level of consistency can help you reach growth in your follower count and overall exposure of your content.  

Create A Good-Looking Profile   

You want to be complex about the details of your profile if you are looking to increase the number of your followers. When it comes to your account on TikTok, it is best to be precise about everything, from your profile picture to the info you post and your username. All these things should help you create an impression on your viewer.  

The best usernames are shorter and somewhat unique and catchy. You should consider your bio section your sales pitch, selling people on why they should follow you.  

Be Authentic   

A lot of people fail before they even start because they are constantly analyzing others as they take actions, never giving themselves a chance to succeed. The best about TikTok is that you don’t need to have the perfect post every time to rise to fame. You only have to take action and begin doing it.  

The content that usually gets shared the most and typically goes viral is relatable content. The average TikTok person with a massive number of followers isn’t creating their videos in a professional studio, but the content obviously lacks in quality and polish but look authentic.  

Be Consistent   

One of the best methods to make sure you’re able to grow your following is by keeping a level of consistency needed to achieve any kind of success. You have to continue to post regularly and consistently engage with your audience. This will offer them something to look forward to, which has them checking your page for new content.  

Use Trending Tags   

When posting your content, you should be using trending hashtags in all of them. Choose the most relevant and trendy with your videos. By producing content with this in mind, you should be able to grow a large audience because people are always looking for a new trend to try out. TikTok allows you to add short captions as well, but you should beep them short and look to limit hashtag use to around five or six per post.  

Stand Out   

You don’t want to do what everyone else is doing, because it won’t give anyone a reason to follow you. Rather, it would be better to stand out as much as possible. Try to be as unique as you can and offer various points of view and experiences than everyone else. Find your own style and voice.  

Share Videos  

To enhance your visibility, you need to leverage the use of other popular social media platforms. You should be sharing your TikTok videos on every platform you can think of, including Facebook and Twitter. Your audience might not use TikTok as often, and you might be able to gather a following that would be interested in your content on other platforms.  

Now that you’ve found out how to grow your audience on Tiktok, you can also read more on how to hide captions on TikTok and enjoy videos to the fullest, and the way the platform functions behind the scenes. 



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